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Fully Appreciate Wine Tasting in Omaha with Pacific Cellars

Wine Tastings

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Fully Appreciate Wine Tasting in Omaha with Pacific Cellars

Wine tasting lets you explore new flavors and expand your palate’s horizons. But how do you get the most out of the experience? While there is a lot of content out there on how to sample wines, it’s important to follow a few simple rules. Follow these tips at your next Omaha wine tasting to fully appreciate and analyze each pour.

Slow Down and Savor

Resist the urge to rush through a flight. Take your time with each wine, allowing the aromas and flavors to develop. Swirl your glass to aerate before inhaling the bouquet. Sip slowly, letting the wine coat your entire mouth. Note how the taste evolves.

Glasses of red and white wine lined up for a wine tasting

Compare and Contrast

When wines are sampled side-by-side, their unique qualities really shine. Pay attention to the differences in aroma, texture, acidity, and finish between each pour. Comparing helps you hone your descriptive senses.

Chat with the Experts

Our sommeliers at Pacific Cellars provide guided flights and share plenty of knowledge. Engage them with questions about the winemaking style, origin, grape varietal – their expertise enhances your contextual appreciation.

Mind Your Palate

Trying many wines in succession can overwhelm your palate. Sip some water and nibble on bread or cheese between pours to cleanse. Take brief breaks to discuss your impressions with others. Stay attentive.

Embrace Education

Supplement tastings by reading about wine regions and styles. Our blog offers great tips! Consider taking classes on varietals or areas that intrigue you. Knowledge makes every sip more rewarding.

Tasting wines carefully and conversing with peers and experts takes your appreciation to the next level. Join us at Pacific Cellars on Thursdays from 5-8pm or check our calendar of public and member events. Questions? Reach out anytime – we aim to enhance every Omaha wine experience!